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As of today, Istanbul Nakliyat offers land, sea and air transportation, customs clearance, logistics services, project transportation, warehousing and handling services to many European countries.



Our basic principle is to fulfill all kinds of logistics service requests that our customers need from a single source with the most appropriate conditions and costs.
For this purpose, we have the following qualifications

As Istanbul Nakliyat, which has ISO 9001:2000 certificate, our quality policy is to define all processes of our activities, to manage them according to these definitions and to intensify their efforts in this direction to standardize our activities. This will be one of the cornerstones of our institutionalization process.
To fully identify, perceive and fulfill all the needs and expectations of our customers and to ensure customer satisfaction through this means. By performing our services within the framework of the Quality Management System,
  • To always prioritize employee and customer satisfaction,
  • To comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws while performing our services,
  • To follow the purchasing policies that support the development of our cooperation with our suppliers,
  • To establish an open and trust-based communication with customers,
  • To comply with the conditions of the age by investing in technology and education, We are committed as
    Istanbul Nakliyat.
  • Istanbul Nakliyat, which sees the Environmental Policy as a necessity, strives to set an example in the sector as an environmentally sensitive enterprise and to fulfill its duty completely.
    It follows and implements the Environmental Management System, which has increased in importance in recent years, from the very first day, and contributes as much as possible to the effort to leave a clean world to future generations.
    For this purpose:
  • To minimize the environmental impact by improving our existing and new investments and practices,
  • Seeing environmental management as a part of our business and using environmentally friendly materials in all our work,
  • To fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations in matters concerning our activities, to comply with international legislation,
  • To ensure the disposal of our wastes in accordance with their characteristics, to support their recycling and reuse, to keep the pollution caused by our wastes at a minimum,
  • To use environmentally friendly 'Green Engines' in all their vehicles, to use fuel oils that minimize carbon monoxide emissions,
  • Continuing and improving the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,
  • To develop environmentally and socially sensitive corporate understanding and business processes,
  • integrated in accordance with the terms of the Environmental Policy.
  • Our understanding of service, which is identified with the slogan of 'Companion in transportation', solves the problems that the customer may encounter in export and import by creating differences when necessary.
    We evaluate the logistics demands of each of our customers in line with their corporate needs and product features, and we see our customers as solution partners.


    Aiming to grow and develop steadily since its establishment, Istanbul Nakliyat has succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies in the sector with its expert staff, high technology, and fleet that cares for nature and ecological balance.

    Safe and Timely Delivery
    Istanbul Nakliyat is a fast and safe company that provides logistics services and focuses on customer satisfaction.
    Regular shipping to/from all Europe
    As of today, Istanbul Nakliyat offers land, sea and air transportation, customs clearance, logistics services, project transportation, warehousing and handling services to all European countries.
    Experienced and Expert Staff
    Istanbul Nakliyat was established in 2000 by professionals who have been in the sector for many years and started its operations.
    Special Customer Service Unit
    Istanbul Nakliyat attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and has support units that you can contact if you have any problems.

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